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Wednesday, 17 October 2018 07:45


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I’m the world’s biggest wimp when it comes to cold weather. My blood is not thin, it’s transparent.  So when I arrived at Budmarsh Private Lodge I was thrilled that weather had warmed up, especially after an extremely surprising freezing snap in September and it would also mean I could also catch up with my old neighbours and friends for an overdue “catch-up”

Budmarsh has an incredibly beautiful setting and now 16 years later it has matured into a special and dignified and romantic establishment with the lushest green garden & picturesque view of the fly-fishing dams.   I used to live next door, many many moons ago, so all the nostalgic moments of my old “country life” came flooding back during my visit.  I have nothing but good and warm memories of Budmarsh and only get great reviews after referring guests and friends which is comforting.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017 10:15

FOR GOODNESS SAKE. The Bistro with Buzz.

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Some time back I was surprised to see that what used to be The Warehouse Coffee Shop had changed hands and was now called “For Goodness Sake”. https://www.facebook.com/forgoodnesssakebistro/ As a serious FOMO sufferer, I decided to pop in and see what what was going on. 

Tuesday, 06 December 2016 14:29


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I’ve never known much about the road to Rustenburg except that if you travel far enough you get to the fabulous Sun City. I have fond memories of going gambling with our family when Sun City opened in 1980 in the then Bophuthatswana. Not knowing much about gambling, dad struck gold and won loads of silver coins. Astounded by this flash of good fortune he promptly dumped the cups and cups of coins in the car boot (under the car mat, nogal), and off we went home. Only later we would find out that coins can be redeemed for notes. That was off course long before the advent of plastic which really just takes the fun out of gambling.

Monday, 31 October 2016 11:16


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As one samples with the eyes first, long before a therapists has even laid a gentle hand on you, the effect of the large glass panels, straight lines and clever use of large prints and bold patterns set the tone for what is to come. Valley Lodge is a prime example of a beautifully architecturally designed Spa where a lot of thought has gone into the visual appeal of the Spa.The stone-cladded spa entrance with its high exposed beams has a dedicated desk for new spa clients to complete their detail  – something I haven’t seen before. Other Spas can take note that a freshly brewed cappuccino is served during this time – and let’s face it, although crucial for your treatments to follow, this form-completing stage part is always a bit like a child being told to sit still and wait to open his presents.

Since we live in a country where equal rights apply, I think it’s only fair that if daddy gets a golf membership to Eagle Canyon Golf Course, mommy should get a Day Spa membership. Fair is fair right?  Who would have guessed that the magnificent Eagle Canyon Country Club was once an old granite and sand quarry?

Wednesday, 26 October 2016 13:42


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I am reading an online ‘Top 10 beautiful Tuscan villages’ of Conde Nast and want to give the journalist a slap on the wrist for sloppy research. Avianto doesn’t appear on the list and that is just a gross injustice in my books. Set in Muldersdrift, on the banks of the Crocodile River, a story of Italian passion for life, quality and detail enfolds. La Dolce Vita has found its place in Gauteng.

Finding oneself floating in a heated plunge pool, sipping cold bubbly while inhaling the beautiful fragrance of lavender fields, is really not a tough way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Woodlands Spa and #LekkerPlaces  invited me to experience their little sanctuary in Muldersdrift (next to Avianto for those who need a landmark) and I was only too excited to oblige. The pretty Caroline showed me to a comfy couch where I jotted down all my dirty little secrets on the Spa questionnaire from age to cell number to any contagious diseases.  (Are you pregnant? Hell, I certainly don’t hope so!)

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